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Tuesday Rambling

Today I have logged in to Final Fantasy twice and not played it at all (except for those few seconds where I was stuck inside my virtual furniture). I've been playing a lot less lately and, while I haven't really replaced it with anything specific, I'm kind of liking the fact that I'm doing something other than playing it for hours and hours every night.

I'm itching to write. But I don't know what to write. I'm itching to paint but I don't know what to paint. Sometimes I'll have shreds of inspiration but nothing that takes solid form. I feel the pull more lately though and with it comes less time inside the video games. This is good.

Last night I strung two beaded necklaces. One was for Brighid and the other was simply adding a few beads to a string that I wrapped around an arrowhead that I purchased last year. I haven't yet worn either of them but they are ready to be worn when I feel the time is right.

There is a painting that I'm thinking of doing but it hasn't really materialized for me yet. It will be an abstract piece. Intuitive. Finger painted. Based on a meditation. I am afraid to express it but I will. I have already written about it but the painting is more difficult.

I feel less troubled by things that used to trouble me these days and that makes me happy. I am more contemplative and perhaps that is why I find myself needing some of my old escape mechanisms less. It is a strange feeling but a pleasant one. It is hard to describe a sense of coming into oneself.
Tags: art, beading, coming into oneself, necklaces, painting, rambling, writing

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