Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

[School] Presentation Complete!

I spent a lot of time working on the presentation for my class tonight. Most of it was just making the powerpoint presentation work properly (in between program crashes). I was really worried about it because my group had never actually managed to hook up and iron out the details together. I'd met up with one of the group members on Monday, we agreed on having me do a comparison between the two different sets of Buddhist caves (the one we were assigned and the one that the others groups had been assigned). I ended up trying to focus on just a few specific components of the art in our cave and trying to tie them back to the other things that we'd learned. I ended my presentation with a question that had come to my mind while I was working on it and hoped that I hadn't ended up duplicating something that someone else in my group had done.

We were the first group to present but my comparison came last out of the four of us. As the others presented their material I was pleased to see that my material did not overlap theirs but did complement some parts of it. I had no notes but I knew my material and described the thought process behind it all. It flowed really well, the animations that I'd added looked and worked great on the overhead and by the end of it, I really felt like I'd done a good job.

Judging from my prof's comments, I think she was pretty pleased. She told me to wait a moment after I finished and then told the whole class that I had done exactly what she was looking for: tied it all back to what we've learned before. She was really happy and said that she liked the question that I'd asked at the end and would be covering it later in one of her presentations. She actually referred to it several more times throughout the class, so I'm thinking that I can safely expect a pretty good mark.

I'm so thrilled that it worked out as well as I did but what was even better was having a few of the students tell me that they really enjoyed my presentation! ^_^ It's one thing to have a happy professor, even better when the rest of the class also enjoyed it.

The hours of fiddling with powerpoint paid off and I'm on top of the world!

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