Goth face

Work & Goals

I'm tired and my head hurts but I got to leave work early today (and yesterday). I had to do this course on Entrepreneurship and it ended at 4:00 pm, leaving me free to head home an hour early. It was a pretty good two day workshop/course, I only wish I could apply half of it to what I do at work. I'm thinking that I might be able to incorporate one or two of the items into my conversations with clients, so that's actually pretty cool.

I need to do some cleaning... I'd even go so far as to say that I want to do some cleaning but I'm so pooped that I doubt much cleaning will actually occur.

I finished reading Dune Messiah on the weekend which means that I have now read 5 books that I own without buying a new one! Go me!! I'm VERY pleased with this but I'm even more pleased with the fact that I've only bought potato chips for myself ONCE in over 7 days (instead of 1-2 large bags per day - yes it's frightening). It ended up making me feel headachy and run-down the next day so it definitely shows just how much all of those additives/preservatives/chemicals can really impact a person's well being. I am really craving them tonight so I came home and made myself a few baked potatoes and threw some cajun spices on them. I'm hoping that curbs it.

As a "side effect" I'm drinking almost no pop, diet or otherwise, and drinking a lot more water. Whenever possible, I'm filling up my water bottles and drinking water. This is a very, very good thing as I'm really concerned about the effects of aspartame (even though I kept drinking the darn stuff).

I must admit that I'm really enjoying having the goals list. I know that I'm not going to be able to do every single item perfectly but now I'm feeling challenged to get the numbers as high as possible! Some of them I'm just kind of lousy at keeping track of but it's still getting me thinking about them and hopefully, eventually doing them.
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, but a change in work stuff (even if you do get to go home early, its a different kind of stress) and your food-detox stuff are likely causing some of it. But it will pass! Aspertame is nasty stuff - along with a few other preservatives like msg, it's a major migraine trigger for me.

Good going on your goals list - keeping track of them helps keep them close to mind!
You know, I hadn't even considered the fact that this could be a food detox type of reaction. That makes a lot of sense. :)