Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

The Outage

So, it's a quiet Thursday night at home. I'm logged in to Final Fantasy XI, gathered with a group of 18+ people who have gathered together for an event that has been several months in planning. We enter the battle field after a rather long strategy discussion only to have someone accidentally piss off all the bad guys and get us all killed. Now we're lying there dead on the ground, except one guy, who has been "charmed" by the enemy to do their bidding until he becomes uncharmed and they annihilate him. We wait to get kicked out of the battlefield so that we can regroup, heal up and try again (gotta love immortality!).

And then everything goes black.

It's 10:00 pm, EST and I can't see a thing. Our power is gone.

We light some candles and wait a few minutes figuring that the power will come back on soon and we'll be able to jump back into our game. Right? Wrong!

We sit in the living and wait.... and wait... and wait... it must have been a whole five minutes that went by before I started to despair that we weren't getting power back in a timely manner. Then I saw my laptop, sitting on the windowsill and thought "Aha! Technology! We're saved! I'll just log back in to the game and let everyone know what's up". Wrong again! The router doesn't work without power! Silly girl!

So, I decided that we may as well throw in a movie since the battery on the laptop is fully charged and we've got nothing else to do (gods forbid we should have to communicate with one another!). I pop in Children of Dune and load it up. It makes it to the second menu screen then freezes. I roll my eyes and shut the computer down. I go to power it back up, hear the fan start up, then nothing. Dead. I press the power button again, not believing that it could possibly be dead... nothing. I press the button over and over, as if it will make a difference but it doesn't.

We resort to talking.

I realize that my cell phone is also dead.

I wonder how long the power will be out and whether the alarm will go off the next morning for work.

It starts getting cooler in the apartment and I'm getting tired so we head to bed where it's nice and warm.

I woke up part way through the night wondering if the lizard would be okay. I drifted back to sleep before waking up with a start. The lizard was not going to be okay, it was freezing in the apartment! I jumped out of bed and headed for the spare room where the lizard lives. It was ridiculously cold and I wanted to get back under the cozy duvet as quickly as I could. I grabbed Apalala out of his terrarium (much to his chagrin and confusion, I'm sure) place him in his smaller, plastic container that I use for vet visits and bring him into the bedroom. I tugged the cage under the covers and hug it to my body, hoping that body heat would be enough.

We have 14' high ceilings with great big windows. It's beautiful and lets a lot of nice light in but it is not conducive to keeping a place warm when the power goes out.

I woke up many times to check on Apalala and also because it was getting even colder. The alarm went off and there was still no power. I couldn't go in to work and leave Apalala with no heat source, not to mention we didn't have any hot water for a shower.

Somehow, in my half-frozen stupor, I managed to remember that I'd charged a spare cellphone batter just the other day. I grudgingly hop out of bed, grab my cellphone out of my jacket, put the new battery in and call in to work to let them know I won't be there. J-boy does the same and we start to get info on just how big the power outage is. I call C & J to let them know I probably won't be able to make it to our get together that evening if the power doesn't come back on.

We try to stay warm under the blankets but seeing as it was "one of the coldest nights of the year" we're finding it harder and harder to do. C calls me back to let me know J has offered to come rescue us and take us to their place if needed. We lasted until aroun 1:00pm before we took her up on the offer. I think the lizard was just as grateful as we were to get into that heated house.

Our power was in one of the last sections of the city to come back on. We stayed over at C & J's for a few extra hours to give the place a chance to warm up. What we didn't realize was that the superintendants hadn't gotten the boilers back up and running. We entered a very chilly apartment but at least we had power. We were able to plug in our two space heaters and begin warming things up.

For a second night in a row, we climbed into a very chilly bed but it warmed up quickly and the radiators started working again sometime during the night.

We survived, thanks to some good friends.

I have also established that a cold-blooded pet is great for being low-maintenance but tricky during power outages in the middle of winter in Canada!

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