Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Confession - Food Habits

I haven't been taking very good care of myself for a long time. This post already feels like I'm a broken record but I once again am struggling with nutrition. I spent the weekend in pain, as my body tried to work with the junk I'd been putting in it. This happened when I was in my teens too. I'd have horrible time with cramps and other unfortunate digestive issues (I'll spare you all the details) but it was also due to the way I was eating.

I used to eat nothing but potato chips and somehow, I've almost reverted back to that habit. I don't know why it's such a struggle for me to get my eating habits under control but I find it incredibly difficult. Even knowing how bad it is for me to indulge this habit doesn't stop me. I found myself seriously wondering what it would take before I smarten up. I honestly don't know and it scares me.

I eat really poorly and get next to no exercise. I know, logically, that this is not a good combination. I made my goals for the year with this in mind and so far, I've been fighting against myself to do the things that I need to do. I wish I could find the motivation that I need to get this together. If I put half the energy into doing it that I put into resisting it, I'd be a paragon of health! *sigh*

I'm afraid that I'm killing myself slowly and need to find the strength to save myself. It sounds morbid but that's how I feel.

If anyone has some positive energy or a few words to spare, I think I could really use them.

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