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Confession - Food Habits

I haven't been taking very good care of myself for a long time. This post already feels like I'm a broken record but I once again am struggling with nutrition. I spent the weekend in pain, as my body tried to work with the junk I'd been putting in it. This happened when I was in my teens too. I'd have horrible time with cramps and other unfortunate digestive issues (I'll spare you all the details) but it was also due to the way I was eating.

I used to eat nothing but potato chips and somehow, I've almost reverted back to that habit. I don't know why it's such a struggle for me to get my eating habits under control but I find it incredibly difficult. Even knowing how bad it is for me to indulge this habit doesn't stop me. I found myself seriously wondering what it would take before I smarten up. I honestly don't know and it scares me.

I eat really poorly and get next to no exercise. I know, logically, that this is not a good combination. I made my goals for the year with this in mind and so far, I've been fighting against myself to do the things that I need to do. I wish I could find the motivation that I need to get this together. If I put half the energy into doing it that I put into resisting it, I'd be a paragon of health! *sigh*

I'm afraid that I'm killing myself slowly and need to find the strength to save myself. It sounds morbid but that's how I feel.

If anyone has some positive energy or a few words to spare, I think I could really use them.
you've reached out with this post and that's a start - well done. You need to get to grips with this issue by knowing and feeling that you can succeed. Let death be your motivator if that's what it takes. Clear your cupboards of junk today and go to the supermarket committed to just buying vegetables and unprocessed proteins. You owe it to yourself and your soul. So do it. Take control of your life because the world won't do it for you. I'd recommend working through some of the underlying issues that may exist with professional councilling services but for now, get some anonymous, free support on a forum or a site like www.comotivate.com - good luck. You can do it. I believe in the power of humanity to make changes.
Re: encouragement
Thank you. Your feedback means a lot and the link is also much appreciated.
Re: encouragement
OK let us know how you go. Believe in yourself.
Positive energies heading your way... Maybe you should get a puppy or something (then you'd have dog walking excerise in the park)...

The lunches you've been having at work seem pretty healthy to me if thats any consolation?
Yeah, you're right about the lunches. For the most part I eat really well if I'm at work. It's the meals I have at home that are atrocious.

If only I could walk the lizard.
I know that food habits are incredibly difficult to break. There is all that backsliding and pushing forward and making headway, only to backslide AGAIN, etc. ad infinitum...

I've been there, and it's not easy.

(also, mmmm, potato chips!!!)

So see how you can alter your food habits so that you feel like you're cheating but you're really not. Like, I eat organic corn chips with salsa that has no sugar (herdez brand). The vitamin c in the tomatoes and jalapenos help my body absorb the calcium and iron in the corn chips.

And once a month, I'll gorge on ruffles plain potato chips (because that's MY weakness) -- I seem to crave SALT! right around when I start my period.

For other types of food, find healthier alternatives that are similar enough that you don't feel deprived but that won't kill your body. Feel free to ping me for ideas.

Are you a sweets person or a savoury person? From your comment about the chips, I'd say savoury, but it varies for me.

I would also suggest journaling/introspecting a bit to see why you make the food-related choices you do. I've found that there seems to be a high correlation between food and emotions, so maybe if you discover why you're resisting this (thoughts like 'I'm not worthy of good health,' for example), you may be able to push past the resistance.


you'll get through this and it'll get easier along the way (or differently difficult!).

But yes, since you're posting about this in the first place, you definitely have the ability to conquer it. I've found, in many instances, that naming the problem takes a lot of its power away.
Thank you so much! Yes, I'm a savoury type of gal. Not so big on the sweets and the salsa/corn chip thing is a great suggestion. We have a health food store just a few doors down that sells a GREAT natural, organic salsa too. I'm also a HUGE fan of guacamole!

I'm pretty it's the salt craving for me too and considering I've been on the pill non-stop (no periods) I can't help but wonder if that might just have any correlation. I've just recently decided to try going pill free (again) and see if I can get things...er... regulated.

Food and emotions are definitely linked...at least, I've realized that I make the "bad" choices when I'm tired, stressed, depressed or sick. I tend to journal regularly (almost daily) so it shouldn't be too hard to incorporate this into it.

Thanks again and I'll probably pick your brains later on down the road!