Book #1 Complete!

I just finished my first book of the year. It was a book about journaling and I rather enjoyed it. It was the title that initially caught my interest: "Note to Self: On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous Pursuits". I am a journaler and have been for many years, so a book about journaling appealed to me. It was simple, personal and fun to read. I got a few new ideas from it that I'll probably try out when I'm having trouble finding something to focus on for my writing.

I'm not sure what I'll move on to next. I have many books to choose from afterall.
That sounds like a cute book. I think I am a wannabe journaler. I can never seem to keep it up! :p
I think journaling sporadically is really common, even among the avid journallers. The book is a fairly light read and you are more than welcome to borrow it if you'd like. :)
Cool, let me know if you start reading it. I come back to it every couple of years, but I don't have a staggering list of books to get through. :)