Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows


Poetry/Song Meme!
01. Put your music player on shuffle
02. The first lines of twenty songs = a poem; the first line of the twenty-first song is the title

Well I’m Moving Kind of Slow

What About Love
Don’t go, with your dreams untold
You made me love you
The house goes wanting
Don’t you mess with a little girl’s dream

Long lost words whisper, slowly, to me
Rock-a-bye your baby to a Dixie melody
Who cares if the sun cares to fall in the sea?
Oh my, my
Father Rose when they told him

Low sun rising into the blue
One old man a ten hour day
She holds the rail
No I’m not the man I used to be lately
Don’t know why.

Baby it’s all right
I feel for the light
Who do you think you are
Would you be the wind
The stars shining bright above you
Tags: meme, poem

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