NaNo Winner!


I did it!!! I just hit 50,153 words within the month of November and I STILL HAVE MORE TO WRITE!!! The last 700 words just flew onto the computer with ease. I am on top of the world right now! I can't even describe how insanely happy and proud I am of myself right!!!!!!!! (maybe all those exclamation marks will give you a sense of it). I feel like jumping up and down, screaming, laughing, crying, all of the above!!

I DID IT!!!!

I even got a nifty official "winner" icon for my LJ! hehe

So happy!!!

Thank you SO much to everyone who sent me the cheers and support!!!!

Oh and Zakhodit, I'm afraid I only used one of your words. Who knew I'd find so many more that I wouldn't end up needing them all!!   :)
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As soon as it's finished. :) It's a pretty rough draft and I'm not quite done the story even though I hit the 50k words. I'll definitely let people know though.

I haven't even looked at any of the stuff I've written. I just wrote and kept going, not looking back! LoL