[NaNoWriMo] Catching up... maybe

I hit 30k words last night. I was up until 1am typing away with as much speed as I could muster. I was on a roll and ended up having to force myself to step away from the computer and get some sleep. Despite getting about 6,000 words written this weekend, I'm still 10k words behind where I should be by this point. Time is quickly running out and Sunday is the last day to reach my goal. I'm trying to take every possible opportunity to type up just a few more words.

I thought it would be easy to write about myself and my own experiences. I thought that I could impart the wisdom of the myriad of thoughts and reflections that flow through my mind throughout the day.

I was mistaken.

I have certainly included some anecdotal thoughts, quotes and even a bit of a rant in my story but right now, I have no idea if any of is really all that coherent. Coherency is secondary at this point. Just keep writing.

I've also come face to face with just how much my memory fades with time. My Mom has an incredible memory and I am realizing everyday that I did not inherit this trait.

Just keep writing.

I need 20k more words by Sunday. If I really work at it, I know that I can make it. I have to get over the writer's block and the fear of writing about some of the more difficult parts of my life.

I need to stop writing this entry and get back to work!