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How did I get so far behind?

Well now... I started out strong and somehow, I've managed to slip farther and farther behind on my daily word count. It appears that I missed two days worth of writing since I was about 4 thousand words behind where I should have been this morning. Of course, 1667 of those words are the amount that I need for today, so I suppose I was really only about three thousand words behind. *sigh*

I've been catching up nicely though. Yesterday I wrote over two thousand words and today so far, I've written almost a thousand. I have finally made it over the 10,000 word hump though. Boy does that feel good!

I've been focused on my year in Nunavut for the past two days and it's proving to be a good source of words! I suppose that happens when you're talking about a whole year's worth of memories and experiences. There's enough to write about that I'm even contemplating breaking it up into different categories. We shall see!

Just keep writing.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,050 / 50,000
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