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A night out

I finally did it. I got up off my lazy ass and went out. Alone! I almost didn't (again). Almost just stayed home on the couch in front of the TV feeling like miserable wretch. But I didn't. I had been planning on going to my usual haunt, Tango/Crews, but when I got there they were closed until Monday... renovations or something. Sooo... stood there somewhat dumbfounded for a minute thinking "now what?" I didn't want to just turn around and go home after finally having gotten my sorry ass out the door. I thought of going to Pope Joan instead, but I wasn't sure exactly where it was (never been there you see) and I think they charge cover, which I probably couldn't afford. Then I remembered that there was a smaller bar up the street called Slack Alice. AHA! I'll go there! I've never been there before. I have to say that I missed my drag queens (that's my favourite part of Tango/Crews), but Slack Alice wasn't too bad. Decent mix of music, decent crowd... though most of the ladies seemed to be with girlfriends. I had a pretty good time overall, and the key was that I did it. Don't get me wrong, I used to go out by myself all the time, but usually I knew other people at the bar...this was a whole different thing. I didn't know anyone, but I just went out there and had a good time anyway. Even if I should have been studying instead, I think this was good for me. Now I just have to remember this next time I'm sitting on my ass talking about going out! *grin*

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