Stolen from Chronicpaint

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Skulking through the fields, attacking with a bladed baseball bat, cometh Kaleekolai! And she gives a mighty bellow:

"I'm going to brutalize you like a rabid gangsta bitch!"

Find out!
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hehe, yeah I've only popped on from time to time but never see you. Are you ever actually logged in to skype? :P

You must tell me about these changes. I have to reactivate my account. It has been "disabled" again. LoL I suck.
Why do I get the impression that you are fibbing?! ;)

I'm almost always logged in to skype if my computer is on... so yeah. Feel free to send me a message if you see me.
I did a Meme very similar to this once... it said my battle cry was "MEEP!"