Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

Some thoughts - On being "older"

I turned 30 a week and a half ago (Sept 21st) and have conjured up all sorts of journal entries since then that have never left the soup of my mind.

I didn't really feel that turning 30 was all that big of a deal but I was glad to be getting past all that "saturn return" nonsense. I also wanted to mark the day in some way, so that looking back I had something to remember. Of course, I had no idea what that might be...until it came to me at work one day. I asked a few of my close friends to come over to my place where I would have canvasses and paints prepared for them each to paint me something. Initially I'd been intent on having everyone work on one painting but after further thought and input realized that have individual pieces for everyone was far more practical.

I also asked that everyone to incorporate a phrase, quote, saying or some kind of writing into the painting. Apart from that, everyone was able to pretty much paint whatever they pleased.

The whole thing turned out much better than I'd imagined. I have all the paintings lined up on my windowsill and it makes me happy to see them there every day. They are such lovely expressions of each person.

I still have to finish up my own painting, which will be the centre piece that the others will be arranged around.

The painting party took place on the Saturday before my birthday and my Dad came into town to spend the Sunday with me. He brought some of my things that had been in storage at his place with him, so we unloaded that from the car and then enjoyed a nice dinner at a local Thai restaurant.

All in all it was a nice weekend and I'm glad that I did something that was really "me" instead of trying to something big and flashy just because it was my 30th.

Besides, I still act like a kid!
Tags: 30, birthday, painting

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