Fall/Winter course

They've announced the topic for my class at U of T this year. When I originally signed up for it, it was just listed as "Topics on Buddhism" with a note that the topic would vary based on the instructors choice. I checked on Friday and they've announced the topic: Buddhist Art in Asia. I was pretty thrilled when I saw this, since I love a lot of Buddhist art but it's not necessarily something that I'd study on my own! Perfect!

Seems like the main text for the course is pretty reasonable too. It's $24 and the only book listed for the course. I expect there's probably a reader too but still pretty good.

The course starts on Thursday and I'm really looking forward to it!
That sound really cool! Our Ryerson course starts tomorrow.

Hope you're feeling better now it's rained a bit! I'm feeling a little easier myself.
Thanks, I am feeling better. Had a cup of feverfew tea this morning then passed out for a while and started to feel better when I got up.