No (sham)Poo Update

It's been about three weeks that I've been doing the No Poo hair treatment and I'm loving it. I've recycled an old shampoo bottle and use it for my baking soda mix so that I don't have to mix a new batch every time. I have to say that I'm loving it. My hair is more manageable overall and it feels a lot nicer. I love the way that it looks too. It doesn't frizz like it used to!

I ended up switching back to the apple cider vinegar rinse. As long as I rinse it out really well, it seems to be okay and saves me having to try to brew tea first thing in the morning. I also found that the results of the vinegar were better than the tea.

So, I'm definitely sticking with it. It costs me next to nothing and I like the results better than anything else I've ever tried.
that's fantastic!

oh, and am I completely out to lunch in thinking that your birthday is approaching?
hehe, you are not out to lunch. :) It's in a couple of weeks and I'm still figuring out what on earth I'd like to do. I'm an equinox baby and turning 30, so I'd like to mark it in some way.