Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

No (sham)Poo – Day 2-5

So far so good! I love the results that I’m getting from the baking soda and cider rinse. I didn’t have to wash my hair on Sunday (day 2) and usually when I leave my hair with a day in between washes it starts to look pretty skuzzy about halfway through the second day. With the no-poo treatment, I found that my hair didn’t start to get that greasy look until much later into the evening.

Monday morning I washed again. My hair looks clean in a different way than it did with shampoo. I love the way it feels and find that it doesn’t irritate my skin as much. The downside was that I didn’t rinse well enough (or something) because I could smell cider vinegar for most of the morning. That drove me nuts.

Tuesday was pretty similar to Sunday. I was pleased with the way my hair felt silky and smooth even when it started to get that greasy look (sometime after midnight I noticed it was starting to look oily). It didn’t have that heavy, oily feeling that I’m used to, which I imagine is a good sign that it’s adjusting to the new treatment. But I’m guessing.

This morning I decided to try using tea for the rinse instead of cider vinegar. I found it worked out to about the same results but I don’t have to deal with the vinegar smell. I’m amazed at how soft and clean my hair is.

I think it may have lightened the colour of my hair a little bit (it’s hard to be objective about these things) but that may just be the difference of seeing my hair with any gunk stripped out of it (though I haven’t dyed it since it was shaved and don’t use “product”).
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