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So, I got it in my head that I wanted a zafu cushion for meditation ( Whether it would actually encourage me to take some time for meditation or not remains to be seen but I figured I'd have a look online for coveted cushion.

I found lots of them. Ebay had them. A bunch of stores in Toronto appear to carry them. The only problem was, they cost upwards of $60! FOR A PILLOW!

Now granted I happen to really like these pillows but that price just seemed a bit crazy...

I decided to search for something else "how to sew a zafu". I found a site with pictures (I love pictures) and really straighforward instructions, so I bookmarked it. Then I procrastinated for a day, then I tried to talk myself out of making a zafu cushion (it wouldn't turn out like the pictures anyway right?) ... that went on for a couple of days but I got home tonight and set myself to attempting my zafu creation.

For the record... sewing circular things.... not easy.

All in all, it took two hours, doesn't look like the professional ones but it's pretty damn close! Yay me!! 

Oh... and it didn't cost me a penny because I already had all the materials on hand from a previous project that I still haven't started! hehe
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