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I feel like crying.
I had an ok day up until I was leaving work, when I decided to go chat with my manager, as I often do on my way out. I jokingly said that I'd been ready to kill him the other day because I'd jokingly said something about being so busy I'd only been able to do one paragraph of my homework... he then seemed to switch into professional mode and said "homework? do we pay you to do your homework?" Of course I just joked it up with him saying "Do we pay you to choose which options you want on your visa?" (which he'd been doing earlier) And of course he gave me this sheepish look... so when I brought it up how he'd gotten me pissed off by saying that, he suddenly got all serious on me (again - yeah, I should have known better, but something was bothering me about it) So we ended up having this big long conversation about how it's "not professional" and what if everyone just started "doing their own thing"... Well I simply said, as long as it's not interfering with their work, I don't see the problem (I should have added or anyone else's work, but it wasn't necessary). So I told him if it was really a problem I was going to have to look for work elsewhere. At that point he switched modes again "Woah! Woah! I'm not saying that" bla bla bla... Now I feel uneasy about it. I figured it's better to look busy than to be sitting there doing nothing at all... It's just highlighting readings from my textbook anyway. It's really upsetting because I've been working my butt off there, staying organized and up to date...which is why I have a few minutes in between calls when we're not busy, and for him to say that it "could" be a problem really does not sit well with me. At all. Did I mention that I'm really upset? *sigh*
So my day today is currently the opposite of how I felt yesterday. Grrr...
I'm so mad/upset/frustrated/confused... I could SPIT! :/


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