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I've had three adjustments with a really awesome chiropractor now and I'm actually starting to notice a difference. Well, to be honest I noticed a difference right away as blood rushed through my legs after the first adjustment. It was a funny feeling since I'm used to rather poor circulation but it was wonderful having warm feet! lol

I'm on a schedule to go three times a week for the first four weeks. This is how we get my spine/body used to being in the proper position. With the first few adjustments your body reverts back to what it's used to fairly quickly but as you continue to adjust, it trains it to adopt the new positioning. Today, when I went in, the knots and pain in my right shoulder were significantly reduced. I noticed it and so did the chiropractor. This is very reassuring.

I've been noticing a reduction in the intensity and frequency of the pain in my shoulder lately and am pleased to know that the knots are also loosening (I couldn't really feel them unless the physiotherapist, massage therapist or chiropractor were working on them). I'm feeling very optimistic about this treatment and the chiropractor is really hoping that this will also help with the physio.

I actually found this chiropractor by accident while looking up another office online. They had really similar names and I didn't realize my "mistake" until after I'd booked the appointment. The awesome thing was that this office is not only at a more convenient location for me but they had their fees posted online whereas the other office did not. Having fees posted directly on the website is something that I really appreciate since it lets me know exactly what I'm getting into! Besides, it also let me know the fees were reasonable.

When I first went in to for my assessment I was really surprised by how many sore points I had. In fact, about two thirds of my spine is in rough shape. As I described what was going on, she told me that she believed that my pain is a result of my ribs no being aligned with my thoracic spine. It's something that often doesn't get noticed but she's experienced it herself so she knows what to look for. As the ribs shift out of alignment, the muscles surrounding the ribs will try to compensate for the shift, resulting in the tension and knots.

When I spoke to her about my concerns about having a fairly mobile, flexible spine and fear that this could make that worse, she was completely receptive and told me that we can try lower intensity adjustments if we find it exacerbates that predisposition.

I can't even begin to express how wonderful it is to have a practitioner that not only listens but takes my concerns into account. What a difference from the pain specialist I saw.

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