Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

A mixed bag

I think that I'm addicted to writing. Not typing but actually writing. I've been doing it a lot lately, mostly journaling and stream of consciousness type of stuff and I'm finding it really enjoyable. As an added bonus, it tends to calm me and relieve anxiety. I end up with more clarity of thought and insight on pretty much anything that's on my mind when I write about it. Something about being able to write completely openly about everything and anything that I want is a wonderful feeling. I love LJ for it's community aspect and everything but there's just something therapeutic about writing with pen on paper. So, if anyone's been wondering why I'm not posting terribly often on here...that would be why!

In other news, I've lost about five pounds in the past two weeks. All I've done is try to change my attitude and it seems to be working. Instead of obsessing about having to "fix" the problem, I've just relaxed a bit about it. As it turns out, my cravings have also relaxed... along with my pants! lol It's just the tiniest difference in the fit of my clothes but it's a good one. I'm really hoping to see this continue.

After a long period of pain issues, fatigue and lack of energy in general, I've started going back to the gym. I'd stopped going when my pain levels shot up, resulting in me feeling completely drained by the end of my day at work. Now that my pain has lessened, I feel a little bit more capable of functioning like a human being again. I've realized that I can go to the gym and get my 15 minutes in during my lunch break and it means I still get home nice and early. It doesn't require me to wake up earlier either (since waking up on time is a challenge, I figured early is out of the question anyway). So, I go at lunch and get my 15 minutes in. If I want to go again after work, that option is always possible too.
Tags: exercise, food, gym, health, writing

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