Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

[Meditations] The Lilies

This is the result of my stream of consciousness writing this morning. It is part of Julia Cameron’s “Morning Pages” concept where you write 3 pages every morning. You just write, no matter what it is, you write what comes to mind.

The Lilies
It feels like nothing changes. The waters are stagnant and despite the beautiful lilies that grow up from the muck I can’t stop choking on the smell. Nothing flows. Not that it couldn’t but it doesn’t. It just stagnates. I can see that’s because the water has been dammed up but the lilies can’t break it down. They don’t know how. All they know is that it is there and that is why the water won’t flow. They also know that if the dam does get removed, they will die. Lilies do not do so well in flowing water. Or perhaps they will not die entirely but rather find a home along the shore where the water is calm; somewhere among the reeds and sedges where they can bloom. Surely they won’t die, they will merely change. Perhaps the change would actually be wonderful. The water that flows is clean and fresh and alive; full of possibility. It is moving and changing, dancing and flowing. It sparkles in the sunlight and quenches the thirst of plant and animal alike… but the lilies do not know how to unblock the dam. They know only that it is there.
Tags: lilies, morning pages, prose, stream of consciousness

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