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All good

Friday night went out with Hazel and Mike to a celtic concert. It was really neat and I actually picked up a few pieces of art that I rather liked. They are both painted clay tiles of trees, one is an oak tree and the other is a smaller version of a similar looking tree. I've already hung the bigger one up on the wall and am really happy I bought it. The smaller one looks a lot like one of the trees from my grounding excercise, so I'm thinking I might use it as a visual aid. The artist had another one that I really like of a crow/raven, but the only one she had at the show was in a frame and I didn't want to pay more for a frame I didn't really need. So, I might go to her gallery and see if I can get one that isn't in a frame, but I haven't decided yet.

Got my essay written today. It's not due until Thursday, but that's ok because it still needs some tweaking. My mom is going to help me by looking it over and making some suggestions for me. She's already sent me some suggestions and it's really been helpful. Of course the whole essay might be shite compared to what the teacher actually wanted, but at least it's better than no essay.

I still have a lot of studying to do for my exam that's coming up on December 3rd. Thankfully one of the girls in my class decided to start a study group, so there's 4 of us who will be working together. I find that really helps take some of the load off. I haven't started the studying yet, but I'm hoping to get that all sorted out in the next two days so I can have something to bring to class on Wednesday for the review. My mom will also be in town on the day of my exam, so we'll probably go out for a bite after I write it which will be a nice way to end the day (I hope).

I practiced playing my guitar some more tonight, and with the exception of one chord, I'm actually starting to recognize "Puff the Magic Dragon"... although I don't think my roomies were convinced when I showed them my progress. LoL Oh well, not everyone can be a fan!! ;)


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