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[Gym] Two days so far

Well, I’ve gone to the gym two days in a row now! I’m actually really enjoying it. I just walk on the treadmill and watch whatever they have on the TVs. The first day I went, I decided that I could squeak in a good 15 minutes of walking before heading off to C & J’s place for the evening. Fifteen minutes quickly became 30 minutes once the getting changed in and out of work-out clothes and showering was worked in to the equation. It worked out well though because I arrived at the subway station right in time to bump into Laura!

Yesterday, I didn’t have a time limit so I signed up for a half-hour slot on the treadmill and did a few minutes of stretching and 25 minutes of walking. The time tends to go by fairly quickly but I could feel a bit of strain by the end of the 25 minutes. My body is really not use to much activity at all, so I’m starting out very gently.

On the downside, I left the gym last night and my head was just killing me. I’m not sure if it was a low blood sugar headache or what but I could barely function and I felt nauseous. I’d been drinking plenty of water throughout my workout so I doubt it was dehydration. I took an advil on my way home and Jboy had Swiss Chalet waiting for me (a lovely and delicious surprise) so I ate that and started feeling better.

Today I opted to leave my gym bag at home since my lower back muscles are a little sore and I am scheduled to head up to another gym with Natasha after work tomorrow. I figured my body could use a little break. Of course, I actually feel like I want to go tonight but maybe that’s just because I’m sitting down and can’t feel the muscle pain right now! LoL

Overall, I’m pretty happy about having the membership. I’m sleeping a little better and the workouts do give me a good little boost of energy. Since I’m not really pushing myself too hard and don’t have any specific expectations other than getting healthier, it’s actually rather enjoyable and relaxing to go to the gym.

I told my mom about it too and she was pretty happy about it too.

I also figured out that if I bring a lunch in from home as little as twice a week, instead of buying a lunch, it will be equal to the cost of my membership! So, I’ve already brought two lunches in this week and am planning on cooking up something this weekend to bring in next week! Maybe another soup or stew in the slow-cooker.
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I find that any sort of unusual physical activity on an empty stomach can bring on a "sick" headache - its very similar to a caffeine-withdrawal or dehydration headache for me. If you're going to the gym after work, how long has it been since you ate? Maybe an afternoon snack is the answer -- that you felt better after eating dinner could be telling.

I also think its a good idea to give your body a chance to rest in between sessions - a little sore is good but its easy to be enthusiastic and overdo it at the start of any regime. Slow and steady wins the race and all that.
It would have been a good five hours since I'd eaten, so I was also leaning towards the idea that it was the cause of the headache.

So far my whole approach to the working out is "slow and steady". I'm not pushing to do anything more than "light" exercise until I'm used to working out. I'm pretty sure the little bit of soreness I felt today was just my muscles getting used to something other than sitting all day! lol
Congrats on your new fitness routine! I like the way I feel when I get regular exercise too.

I second the advice to take days off between sessions, to give your body a chance to rest and catch up to the new demands you're making on it. A gentle workout like walking shouldn't cause too much of a problem though.

I totally understand how workouts can eat up a lot of time when you have to include getting there, getting changed, and doing stretches before and after! It's totally nuts. Mine used to take over an hour, but that was including a bunch of strength training too.
Yeah, the principle that I'm pretty much going by is "slow and steady". Any exercise that I do, and I mean ANY, is more than I was doing before. Even just the 15-30 mins of walking is a cardio workout for me at this stage so I'm just gonna keep at it and adjust it as needed.