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I might be crazy...

... I've been talking about it for months (mostly at work) but I've finally gone ahead and done it. I joined a gym. I've only had a gym membership (outside of school) once before and it turned into a rather unpleasant experience. I'm really nervous about having signed up for another one. It's expensive and I'm worried about finding the motivation to go and then keep going. The nice thing is that one of the clubs is a block away from work so I can pop in before or after work. I could even pop over for 15-20 minutes on my lunch break. There's also a new club that just opened a short streetcar ride from my apartment. I also have the option to go to the Manulife Centre club where there's a swimming pool.

I have my gym bag packed and I'm going to bring it with me to work every day so that I'm prepared if the mood strikes me to pop over. I'm also being very careful not to set unrealistic goals for myself (i.e. - trying to work out every day or for really long amounts of time). I figure if I even get in once or twice a week to start with, I'm doing well. As I get into it, I'm hoping that I'll be inclined to do more. We shall see.

Edit: I forgot to add that I was really nervous about telling Jboy about the gym when I got home last night. I was afraid that he'd think it was silly to spend so much money on a gym. When he got home, I told him that I'd done something crazy. When he asked what, I told him that I bought a new bag (I have a collection of backpacks that just seems to keep growing). I brought out the bag to show him and he saw that it was Good Life gym bag and rather excitedly stated "You joined a gym!" The reaction was so positive that it almost surprised me! Here I was all nervous about people thinking I was wasting my money and instead I get this response of how it's an investment in my health and total support! It was wonderful and made me feel so much better about my decision.
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It's a great decision! I would send some advice over though, if you care to hear it.

Instead of just going - oh I'm not putting pressure on myself so I'll just go whenever... try to make a realistic goal.

If I don't do that, then I never go. I agree that having too much of an expectation isn't a good plan.

For instance, I like to run and that's why I go to the gym, because I know I can run inside over the winter. So, I go when Mark is at Jiu Jistu - Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. I *must* go 3x a week. If I go more, good, but I don't allow myself less. 3x a week isn't a big goal. I also have a running plan I follow while I'm there. It is really important to sketch out what you want to do. Not much, just a little. So little you walk out thinking "I could have done more" - until it's a habit. Then you can up your program.

I just don't want it to be a waste of money for you, and plans are good to have, just not outrageous ones. I find I do much better when I have my days, in my schedule, and I know exactly what I'm going to do when I'm there. If I have no plan, that's when I end up not going. The key is a reasonable plan. Like me, pick 3 days, and those are the days you have to go. If you have to miss one, make up for it on the next day.

Way to go though, great start!
You know, I'd thought the same thing myself. Make some kind of little goals and be realistic. I know that making realistic goals is a huge thing that generally keeps people on track. Strangely, as soon as I do that, I start to feel "obligated" and it totally turns me off. It's almost as if my brain works on reverse psychology! lol

So far, I've actually been really excited about going to the gym and I went yesterday after work. When I feel that I'm not obligated to go, I tend to be more inclined to actually do it, whereas if I commit to 3 days a week and then I'm not able to make it one of those days I really feel like a failure and get de-motivated, even if I am able to go the next day.

The other thing that I have to factor in to this equation is the fact that I have pain issues. I get migraines, I have a neck/shoulder injury and I'm asthmatic (let's not even discuss the anxiety disorder!) and if I can't workout for a few days because of any of these things, I need to know that I wasn't "supposed to" go and couldn't. If I had been scheduled to go and can't I get resentful of my body's limitations and we're back at being de-motivated.

I guess when it really comes down to it, I just need to know that I'm making the choice in each instance, each day.

I may revisit the whole thing later and switch it up because I know that goals are good but for now, I'm going to go with what seems to work.

Everyone is different, and if it works for you then that's great.

I do think that there is something wrong with the universe when the Pisces is telling the Virgo to organize, and the Virgo is saying, nah.. I'll just drift along. *laughs*

I am excited because it's Wednesday. Having a plan for me gives me something to look forward to. It's why I'm usually happier at sports, because game time is game time and I can get excited about that - I can't get excited (or even motivated) if there is no goal. If I don't know what I'm going to do while I'm there, I just wander around aimlessly.

Anyhow, there is certainly a benefit FOR the Pisces to have a little more structure, and the Virgo to have a little less. So with that, then we're both doing exactly the right thing for us. We're both getting to the gym, which is the important thing.

You're absolutely right, we aren't being very true to our signs but are probably right where we need to be!

I actually really loved all the info you posted about the various gym options that you we exploring. It helped me to firm up my own decision to join one. So thanks! :)

Actually it's truer than you think. Pisces and Virgo are on an axis. They are opposite signs, 180° from each other.

For you to find balance you have to reach to the pisces pole, and for me, I have to reach to virgo. I have many friends that are virgos, and the theme in those friendships is always the same: they ground me, and I inspire them. Perfection (of your sign) lies in the middle of the axis. It really does mean we're both doing it right, astrologically speaking. You know that sometimes you just have to go-with-the-flow like the fish, and I have to sometimes plan and organize - in order for us to get the most out of life. It's about balance, meeting in the middle. Our sun-sign goal is to be more like the opposite sign, and to let go of our ingrained natures and trancend beyond them to a place of balance. It means we're working on what we're missing rather than what we innately have, which is the goal, so that we can go on to new lessons next time around.

Glad I could help with the gym choosing!