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[Meditations] Quote

The book that I'm reading that's based on Buddhist teachings had a quote in it that really stood out for me today. It's referring to our true nature being essentially good, kind and full of wisdom but I think that it can be extended to other parts of life as well... or perhaps, life in general.

"It's like finding that the sky and sun are always there and that it's the storms and clouds that come and go". -Pema Chodron

Something about the imagery just really resonated with me and I think that it might actually be a good focus phrase for me to work with as I'm exploring emotions.

I like that too. Not to belittle it, but it would fit in great with a lot of the "nature quotes" that I just printed out for a scrapbook I made of Rhianna, Stormy, and I playing in the forest (with our cameras, all but Stormy who was just running) this autumn. I may steal it. It works with a lot of my pictures from those outings.
I don't think that belittles it at all! I'm so happy that it kind of fits for someone else too, even if it's at a different level! Steal away and enjoy! :) Glad you like it. It just seemed too good not to share!
I like that quote a lot too. It's very simple and with nice imagery. I also think it's cool that I just read this now, but commented to you earlier how nice a day it was because the sky was all bright and clear. :)
Yup, I thought that was interesting too actually! lol Of course, I was in such a snit that it didn't make much difference at the time! LoL The nap I took seemed to fix that up nicely though! Yay for naps!