Goth face

On sickness - A note to self

After you have determined that you're still feeling like crap but you're going stir crazy, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT convince your sorry germ ridden self to go in to work in a feeble attempt to avoid a $20 doctor's note fee. It seemed like a good idea at the time but it was not. Your co-workers will not thank you for it (sorry guys) and you'll just end up feeling worse.

Yesterday, after writing up my post about going stir crazy, I did end up trekking in to work. I managed to cover half a shift by helping with non-phone related work but after about an hour and a half I felt myself getting really achy again. I took a few calls to finish up the half shift before heading back home.

Overall it wasn't one of my better ideas. *sigh* I'm still sick.
Aw, hun I hope you feel better!!

Guess what? I got an A on that art essay! Or, well, technically, you got me an A on the essay. Yay!!
Still the sickness? That's crappy. :(
Are you going to be able to make it out tomorrow? :)