Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

[Awakenings] A new thread

I've been spending a fair amount of time trying to find stillness. As some of you may remember I did an exercise a while back where I tried to follow a Buddhist monastic schedule. Although it didn't work out as I may have hoped, it was an interesting experience for me. As somewhat of a continuation of my search for wisdom and awakening, I have started this new thread. I've been reading a lot about many different people who have experienced some form or awakening and have also been taking time lately for reflection and stillness. This thread is where I will share some of my thoughts and experiences that result from meditation, introspection and just being present in the world. Since most of my knowledge surrounding this is based in Buddhism, you will notice that these posts will often reflect that.

These will be public posts, for the most part, so that anyone who stumbles across them can read them. I plan on keeping it that way but will be labelling the posts so that anyone who is not interested in reading this material can skip over them. As I may end up screening some of the more personal experiences, please let me know by replying to this post if you'd like to be included in the filter that I'll set up for that purpose.


Tags: awakenings, buddhism, silence, stillness

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