Goth face

Hot Pants!

So I have this pair of pants that I just feel AWESOME in. I'm wearing them today. I don't know what it is about them but I feel like the hotness in them. I don't even care what I might really look like because I feel great.

Funniest thing is... there's really nothing all that special about these pants.

Gotta love comfy, feel-good clothes.

I had jeans like that once, they were awesome. They got ripped across the butt and they're too small now anyway. I miss them so much.
I've had that happen too. I'm SO wearing these puppies out! Getting every last second of hotness I can! *grin*
Funnily enough they aren't! They're old pants from when I first moved back from Nunavut! LoL
Having an outfit that makes you feel hot is great! That's how I feel about the shirt that I'm wearing now. I guess we're both having great days!