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Blowing off steam - a rant

I'd like to take a moment to send a great big FUCK OFF to the universe. I'm sick and tired of people feeling free to point out anything I've not only done wrong, according to them, let alone people telling me that what I think is wrong!


Am I perfect? Far from it and I know that. I'm trying my best to be a decent human being and frankly don't need other people pointing out what they think I do wrong. I am NOT a bad person and I'm tired of feeling like a screw-up!

So if you want to point out my failings, save your breath!

Stop criticizing me!

Unless I'm actually doing something illegal or harmful just leave me alone!

I've been hurt enough already.
*hugs* What's up? Did something happen? Call me if you need too...I'm home playing pokemon.
Aw, hun, I hope you're okay. I think you're fantastic. And really, screw all the people who can't appreciate you for who you are.
Awww... Thanks. ^-^
I think that's just it, I need to stop caring so much what everyone else thinks of me.
That is the answer. Easier said than done though. Trust me, I know.

Yeah, sometimes it is easier said than done. You're ok though, nothing wrong with you. There isn't a person ever that hasn't made mistakes or screwed up either, so those that criticize are pots throwing stones at glass kettles... errrr, something like that, *grins*

And it's perfectly fine to tell them to fuck off, it's a lot healthier than believing them, so I'll chime in with you on that one... :-)
those that criticize are pots throwing stones at glass kettles...

I almost burst out laughing in the elevator reading this on my PDA! LoL!

Thanks! I think the venting was long overdue.