[Apalala] Phew!

Just heard back from the vet. It was the really nice doctor that I first saw with Apalala. I was so glad that it was him that got back to me because he's so kind. Apparently things look pretty good on her tests with one exception; her calcium levels are lower than they should be. Thankfully, that's easy to take care of (extra calcium frosted crickets!).

I have to keep an eye on her and bring her back in if she's still not poopin' but at least now my mind is at ease.
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Calcium frosted crickets?!? Now that sounds like something that should be advertised on tv with Saturday morning cartoons...

Glad to hear it wasn't as serious as you feared. hugs!!
I'm imagining the TV jingle now! Sounds a lot like the Lucky Charms one though! ^^

Also glad it's not too bad. Thanks for zee hugs!