Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

A dragon and Giftcard update

Well, my little dragon is sick. I had to bring her into the vet on Saturday and $300 later, I’m home with food to feed her, meds to give her and bloodwork submitted. I’m switching her back to crickets as the mealworms may be part of the problem. Apparently, they’re harder to digest.

I also have to feed her by hand once a day. The vet gave me some high fiber food and a syringe to feed her with. The first feeding actually went really well despite the fact that I managed to get my finger stuck in her mount and very well bitten. Those little lizard teeth are sharp! It was totally reflexive and she’s very easy-going but if something’s in her mouth, she’s going to bite down on it.

She has been dewormed and also has medication that I need to give her this Saturday and the Saturday after Xmas. Thankfully, she’s not that difficult to feed as long as I keep my fingers out of her mouth.

In other news, I won a giftcard at work for having good calls (we’re doing draws based on call quality). I chose a card for Chapters (since I can always find a new book to read!) and decided to go and search for something yesterday. I always check the “discount” section and yesterday I lucked out! There was a set of  “Tree Magic” cards for $4.99 . . . I grabbed them and thought, “Meh! I’m not paying out of pocket and it’s only five bucks, why the hell not!” Since the giftcard was for $25, I also picked up the second novel in a series that I’m currently reading and enjoying as well as the first book in another series I was interested in. When all was said and done, I’d only gone over the giftcard amount by $3 (of course I threw in a Godiva chocolate bar which brought it up to $6 but meh! Still good). 

I have to say that I LOVE the tree cards. The illustrations are much nicer than I’d expected and the types of trees that are included are really neat. Trees that I’d never heard of like the strawberry tree and puzzle-monkey tree! Very neat indeed!

Tags: apalala, beardie, giftcard, tree cards, tree magic

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