Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows

An unexpected gift

Got home late Wednesday night. It was our work Xmas party and Jboy and I were among the last people to leave. When we got home, I figured I'd check our mailbox on the way in. There was a little wrapped package inside. I was addressed to "Meaghan" at our address (no apt. number) with the words "Open at Xmas" written at the top. The address and name had been writing in marker on the packing tape and some of it had rubbed off. There was not return address but the post-mark indicated that it had come from Nova Scotia. I thought it was a little strange...who did I know in N.S. who would spell my name wrong (even close relatives spell my name wrong so this was not really a remarkable thing) and would be sending me an Xmas gift? There was something on the back of the package "From: Jim/Tim/Tina/?” I couldn’t make out the name and was starting to feel uncertain about whether or not this was actually supposed to be for me. . .

Only one way to find out! I opened the package. There was the cutest hand-made owl(?) inside, with a little vegan recipe book (also hand made) and a card. I immediately opened the card to see if I could find out more information about the sender.

It was from Tina.

I don’t know who she is but I know she put a lot of care into this Xmas present. I also know that she might be getting a new cat soon and that the person who shares the same name as me has been having trouble keeping in touch. . .

I felt bad that I had this very special gift and no way to get it to the right person. I looked over the envelope again, hoping to find new clues. All I realized was that the package had already gone to two other apartments before making its way to me. *sigh*

I spent over an hour trying to figure out who the owner or recipient might have been. The tracking number for Canada Post gave no more information, nothing came up in a google search and nothing came up in the reverse address searches I tried. I checked the directory for our building on the way home but it doesn’t look like there’s anyone else who might be a “Meaghan”. . . not to mention it had already gone to two different apartments already (I’m pretty sure it was the superintendent who had written “try apt. 10” on the package).

I kept trying different searches yesterday, hoping to get a clue as to who this present is for but didn’t have any more luck. I feel kind of guilty for opening the gift but I really didn’t know it wasn’t for me until after I’d opened it.

So . . . it looks like the identity of the sender and intended recipient are going to remain a mystery.  In the meantime, I send this note back out into the Universe:
Dear Tina,

Thank you for your heartfelt gift. I am sorry that it did not reach the person it was intended for. Please know that the little corduroy owl is being well looked after and your recipe book will be put to good use and appreciated.

A different Meghan

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