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[School] Screwed

My essay is due tomorrow and I've written less than two pages. I've been struggling with it all day and just keep getting blocked. I need 7 pages single spaced (12-15 double spaced) and I just don't know how I'm going to get it done before tomorrow at noon.

I've done all the research, I have the ideas, I can't seem to get them into a coherent structure.

There's no possibility of an extension. My prof. leaves for France on Tuesday.

I'm so disappointed. I should have started writing earlier but I didn't have all the research completed yet. Sometimes I can pull it out of the fire, here's to hoping this is one of those times.
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Good luck! Just sit down and write whatever comes to mind. You can edit later if you have the time, but it's probably better to at least have something down. I have faith in you!!
Thanks. :) I currently feel like I'm hardly making any progress but just keep writing little spurts. I'm definitely getting more accomplished now... if only it weren't already 11pm!!

Guess who's going to be tired at work tomorrow! LoL