Baby dragon update

Well... Apalala is no longer having trouble using the bathroom. She put on a great performance for the vet. Very spectacular. Very messy. Methinks there's a little dragon that is feeling much better now. We're still doing some tests just to be on the safe side but for now she seems okay. Turns out that she may need to be getting more hydration so I'm going to start giving her more warm soaks (something I learned about last night when I was poking around online and the vet also mentioned) which she rather seems to enjoy. The vet actually said that the soak I gave her last night probably helped.

The sand that we've put in her terrarium has been removed and we've switched back to good old newspaper. The sand is apparently known to cause problems because the lizards eat it (which I've caught her doing) and it gets all balled up in their little bellies. Not good. Newspaper on the other hand... eat your heart out! (not that she does) ^^

Adding some squash and collard greens into her diet will probably also help, as well as grabbing a digital probe thermometer so that we can monitor the temperatures in the different areas of the terrarium was also recommended.

The vet also said that she currently appears to be a female (despite all the research I'd done that led me to believe otherwise ... damn you interweb!). This could change, however, since she's still relatively young and the pores that they look for simply may not yet be developed.

So, the appointment was good. Apalala's feeling better and so am I. Yay!

The staff at the High Park Animal Clinic are awesome btw! Very friendly, very knowledgeable and very good at explaining fees so that you can decide what should be done now and what you can hold off on. The nurse that saw Apalala also has a beardie and was really happy and willing to spend some time chatting about some good do's and don'ts. I really appreciated that.

I recommend them to anyone with an exotic pet! I imagine they're just as good with dogs and cats too though!
Yay for Apalala feeling better! Sounds like you've found yourself a good local vet too. :) I think it's cool that Apalala may yet turn out to be a girl since you've been calling her "her" since the beginning. ;)
Yeah, I'm pretty relieved that she's okay.

I'm so curious as to whether she's going to stay a "she" or whether the femoral pores that allow us to figure out the gender will suddenly develop! hehehe