Poor sick baby

Well, I think Apalala's sick. I'm taking her in to the vet tomorrow afternoon to have her checked out for the bargain price of $75 (just for the check-up). *sigh* Poor little thing looks just miserable. She/he hasn't gone to the bathroom in over a week now (hence my concern) but is eating normally (hence more concern - where is all the food going?) and today she/he just kind of sulked in the corner of the cage. I know that beardies do have their own kind of hibernation period so that could be contributing to her lethargic state but I want to make sure.

Right now I'm most concerned about getting Apalala to the vet without freezing! I might end up splurging for a cab just to make sure she/he stays warm enough.

I really hope nothing's too seriously wrong...
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*thinking good thoughts for Apalala* Let us know how the appointment goes tonight! *hugs*

BTW, I'm starting to think your LJ layout changes daily. ;)
Thanks for the good thoughts. Apalala seems a bit perkier today, so that's a good sign. I'll definitely post the diagnosis from the vet when I get home.

I think I'm addicted to tweaking my journal. This theme is really customizable though so I might keep it and just mess with the colours and stuff.
Oh dear.. I hope she's feeling better soon!

Is it possible that she's slowing down with the coming winter? Or perhaps eating her poop when your not watching?

Poor little critter! I hope the appointment goes well.
I think the possibility that she's slowing down for the winter might be the reason for the change in behaviour... as for eating her poop, I don't think that's happening but I suppose it could since we aren't hovering over her all the time.

I'm just concerned about putting any more food in if it's not coming back out!

I'm going to post an update when we get home.