Goth face

Writing, school and reading.

I got my 10,000 words for NaNoWriMo. Sure it's 40,000 words short of the set goal but I'm pretty pleased with myself. I think I'll try again next year providing I'm not working crazy long shifts while going to school. Sketching out a plot line beforehand would also be helpful as I got stuck as soon as I realized I had no clue where my story was going.

I only have two classes left before I'm done with this course. It's been a great course but I'm tired and ready to be finished. I probably won't take anything else until next September.

I can't wait to have time to read whatever I want again. I'm itching to read a novel... preferably something light and not challenging.
Well, the does meet the "light" requirement, though it might be challenging in that "OMG, I don't know if I can handle this crap" kind of way! But yeah....mmmmmm..... novels!
That was the first thing I did after I graduated - went and bought a book that wasn't a text book!
Yeah, when I finished grad school, I spent the summer reading Harry Potter 1-7. Fun, entertaining, and not a textbook.
I've decided not to take any courses this summer unless there's a full "year" course being offered... that means that I'm going to be free until next September.
I think the fact that I won't actually graduate for about 10 years at the rate I'm going makes these moments even more precious.
I keep looking at it wanting to pull it down from the shelf and read it. Then again...there are about 20 others that I also do that with.