Nothing but Crows (kaleekolai) wrote,
Nothing but Crows


If I could just hit 10,000 words I'd be happy.

I've realized that there's not much chance of me writing 50,000 words on this story by the end of the month. I have too much on my plate that takes priority (writing my essay for class). I'm so close to the 10,000 word mark though, about 400 words away, so I should be able to squeak out that little bit. It's more than I've ever written before and I think I could actually write 50,000 if I did it in a month where I wasn't trying to balance school and work already.

Then again... you never know. Maybe I'll be struck by a moment of genius and pour forth 40,000 words over the next week.

Maybe not. LoL
Tags: 10000 words, nanowrimo

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