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And now I know... a.k.a - another doctor's appointment

Had a doctor's appointment early this morning with a nerve specialist. The muscle of my upper left arm that was damaged in my bike/car door accident has some nerve damage but it's slight and should heal on it's own within 4-6 months. This isn't much of a problem since it doesn't bother me, it's just strangely dented.

My right back and shoulder pain on the other hand, appears to be the result of a neck injury. Since this particular problem goes back several years, I'm not sure exactly what started it. The doctor has given me a prescription for physiotherapy and, as it turns out, physio is mostly covered through our benefits at work once you have a prescription! Woot!

I'm also planning on getting some chiro and acupuncture done and found out that the chiropractic care is also partly covered. The acupuncture isn't unfortunately, but that means that it's the only one that I'd have to pay for myself! What's even better is that I stumbled across a place near work that has a practitioner who does BOTH acupuncture AND physiotherapy! I'm going to give them a call once I work out my budget for the next few weeks!

Despite the fact that knowing all of this doesn't change the fact that I'm almost constantly in pain, I'm thrilled to know that there's something "real" causing it. It's like one of my friends said, it's a validation that there really is something going on. It's been 7 years of pain, not knowing what was wrong and not getting anywhere with the doctor I had (thank the gods he retired and this new one actually gives a crap!).

So, I'm sitting at work, in a boatload of pain feeling wonderfully justified.
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Since I stopped going to yoga (i.e. since I resigned myself to a life of student debt), my back and neck have been getting steadily worse. I'm hoping to figure out a simple regimen of a few simple poses I can do at home on a regular basis in the hopes of restrengthening my back (and rest of me). I feel that yoga was (and is) very beneficial for the back and joints as well as one's general health and well-being and thus am always recommending it to everyone.
I maintain that I was at my best when I had the money and time to go to yoga and bellydancing every week, but feel that the yoga was really really good for my back. My centre had classes tailored for pregnant women and persons with certain kind of physical restrictions and the instructors were really hard-core about tailoring poses to each student's needs and abilities (so I'd get special slanted planks to support my wrists in automukasvinasin/downward dog). So..yeah...yay for yoga!
Oh, btw, did you get me message on facebook?
Facebook huh? I suppose I should check that once in a while! Woops!! I'll pop over there when I get home tonight!

It's funny that you should mention yoga as I've been also thinking about getting back into it myself lately. I've always done it on my own at home using a book that was published decades ago but I was doing it every morning for a while. I'm convinced that I will eventually think myself back into it.