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Doctor's appointment

As some of you know, I've really been struggling with pain issues lately. The muscle in my right shoulder and back have been hurting to the point where I actually have to stop moving it in order to get some relief and my migraines have become much more frequent. I spent yesterday in significant pain and the meds that I'm currently only partially relieved the migraine pain but did nothing for the shoulder pain (two different types of pain afterall). I'd booked a doctor's appointment so that I could talk to him about this and also have him check the injury from my bike crash because the muscle is still dented. When I showed him the bike injury he was very concerned that it was atrophied and sent me to get all sorts of x-rays done on my neck, spine and shoulder. He also referred me to a nerve specialist and said he'd send me to get injections for the pain in my shoulder but I should probably try acupuncture and massage (this is why I love this doctor).

As for the migraines... he wants me to try something other than the migraine pills because of how frequently they're happening. The suggestion is a low dosage amitriptyline. Although this particular drug is most known to be an anti-depressant, it is also prescribed to treat a number of other conditions including migraines and chronic pain. It also helps you sleep. I agreed to give it a try since it will help deal with several of my health concerns at once. The added sleep aid is a bonus for me because I've been having trouble not getting enough rest and waking up tired. The best part is that this medication costs a fraction of the amount of my migraine medication, so if it works I won't have to worry about not being able to afford the migraine meds anymore.

Once I finished up with him, I headed down to the x-ray department (conveniently in the same clinic) and got six different x-rays done. I had to take out all my facial piercings except the nose ring but couldn't get one of the earrings off because it's the captive bead type that requires plyers. They were concerned that this was going to cover two of the vertebrae but did x-rays anyway. I should find out if there's anything showing up on them within about 3-5 days and the technician told me to just take it easy in the meantime. I found that kind of funny since we're checking injuries from 5 months ago.

So, I've started the new meds and am going to make a chiro/acupuncture appointment as soon as possible.

The only problem now is that I seem to be coming down with something and my throat is killing me!! Ack!
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