December 27th, 2007

Blowing off steam - a rant

I'd like to take a moment to send a great big FUCK OFF to the universe. I'm sick and tired of people feeling free to point out anything I've not only done wrong, according to them, let alone people telling me that what I think is wrong!


Am I perfect? Far from it and I know that. I'm trying my best to be a decent human being and frankly don't need other people pointing out what they think I do wrong. I am NOT a bad person and I'm tired of feeling like a screw-up!

So if you want to point out my failings, save your breath!

Stop criticizing me!

Unless I'm actually doing something illegal or harmful just leave me alone!

I've been hurt enough already.

Xmas break

Despite my previous rant, I actually had a pretty decent time over the holidays. My allergies acted up a fair amount as they usually do when I'm at my mom's place but I got a lot of rest and some awesome little gifts. The BEST one however, was Slothy . . .

Jboy got Slothy for me, knowing how much I LOVE crazy animal plushies and he's just the cutest little two-toed, three-toed sloth ever!! I had to bring him in to work to show all my co-workers just how insane I am.

Jboy also got me a really nice amber ring and the Golden Compass trilogy that I really wanted. I got him some gift certificates and the Stephen Colbert book which is just a hoot! We also got each other matching gingerbread elf cookies from the bakery up the street! It was a hoot. I got matching gingerbread soap with mine though (for external use only!).

We also got some gingerbread for my mom and her boyfriend and I made little reindeer card/bookmarks for everyone. I'd made a watercolour for my mom too and she seemed to really like it. Mom's bf carved a really neat bottle stopper/cork thing for us too! Totally unexpected and really neat!

There were several other little things, all of them really nice and heartfelt.

One thing that was really unexpected happened after dinner at my aunt and uncle's place. My aunt in uncle live in the house that my grandparents owned and although most of it has been renovated, there is still a room with a bookshelf full of some of my grandfather's old books. I was admiring the old bindings when I saw a copy of the Golden Bough sitting there. I had to pull it down and have a peek at it since I couldn't believe that my grandfather had owned a copy of this book that I've not only studied in school but also been interested in personally. Sure enough, as with all his books, he'd written his name in it and the date: 1952. I told my uncle how neat it was to see it there and he asked me if I wanted to keep it. I told him that it was ok, I already had a copy at home. He insisted, reminding me that it was my grandfather's book and I was probably the first person to open it since him. I almost started crying I was so touched. Despite having the other copy, I am really glad to have it. He's right, it's different when it belonged to someone you loved and is now gone.

Apart from that, there was much sleeping and I think my body really needed that.

It was nice to get out of the city for a bit.