December 5th, 2007


[School] The essay of DOOOOM

I had an idea for my essay for my class. All four of us in the class did. Our prof has determined that we were all being too ambitious and has whittled down our topics to nearly nothing.

I wanted to explore the parallels between Freud's theory of totemism and taboo (found in his book by the same name) and the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. Apparently that is too broad of a topic and now I'm left with trying to explore totemism and taboo as it appears in the legend of the birth of the Buddha, bringing in the concepts found in Ernest Jones' Motherright and the Sexual Ignorance of Savages. Sure there's some correlation in the material but it's not nearly as rich in material, nor am I nearly as knowledgeable about it, as the original idea I'd had.

So I'm stressed and avoiding it. Not a good combination. Every time I try to think about the essay I start feeling that old anxiety disorder kicking in. I'm just trying to re-read the source materials over again at this point.

I figure what I'm going to end up doing is writing about 10-12 pages just outlining the theories and the legend then spending a page or two drawing some wild conjectures about how the symbols have changed but the underlying themes still point to Freud's original concepts of totemism and taboo developing around an initial crime of father-murder. *sigh*

Have I mentioned recently that I can't wait for this to be over? Love the class, hate the stress!

Poor sick baby

Well, I think Apalala's sick. I'm taking her in to the vet tomorrow afternoon to have her checked out for the bargain price of $75 (just for the check-up). *sigh* Poor little thing looks just miserable. She/he hasn't gone to the bathroom in over a week now (hence my concern) but is eating normally (hence more concern - where is all the food going?) and today she/he just kind of sulked in the corner of the cage. I know that beardies do have their own kind of hibernation period so that could be contributing to her lethargic state but I want to make sure.

Right now I'm most concerned about getting Apalala to the vet without freezing! I might end up splurging for a cab just to make sure she/he stays warm enough.

I really hope nothing's too seriously wrong...