November 23rd, 2007

Day 2 sleeping with the sausage pillow

Thursday is the day that I always think I'll get caught up on any of the work that I'm behind in getting done. It never seems to work out that way. Although I've been starting to feel a little bit more energetic the past few days, I still ended up sleeping all afternoon. *sigh* At least I feel rested.

One of the things that came of my appointment with the nerve specialist last week seems to be helping me sleep better. Pretty much, get rid of all the pillows I've been trying to use so my head/neck doesn't hurt when I'm lying down, take a towel, roll it up, put it in a cut the leg off a pair of pantyhose, stick the towel in like a sausage and put it around my neck as support. It's made a difference. I'm not getting the pain in my neck and head that I often have when sleeping AND I'm waking up feeling more rested! It's a small change at this point but a good one.

I've also booked an appointment to see a physiotherapist. Found a place near work that has a person who does both physio and acupuncture so I booked with them. They offer a variety of other complementary/alternative health services. They even have hypnotherapy! Don't know why but I'm crazy intrigued by hypnotherapy. Not convinced that it works but very intrigued by the concept... In any case, I'm really hopeful about the physio and possibly acupuncture from the same person. Anything to manage this pain is good!


If I could just hit 10,000 words I'd be happy.

I've realized that there's not much chance of me writing 50,000 words on this story by the end of the month. I have too much on my plate that takes priority (writing my essay for class). I'm so close to the 10,000 word mark though, about 400 words away, so I should be able to squeak out that little bit. It's more than I've ever written before and I think I could actually write 50,000 if I did it in a month where I wasn't trying to balance school and work already.

Then again... you never know. Maybe I'll be struck by a moment of genius and pour forth 40,000 words over the next week.

Maybe not. LoL