November 6th, 2007


[NaNoWriMo] A little milestone

I hit 5,000 words early this morning. I've been taking every opportunity that I can to write more and more. I bring a pen and scribbler with me everywhere and can be spotted at bus stops or on public transit, scribbling furiously in it. I actually had to stop writing at one point last night while I waiting for a bus because it was so cold my hand was freezing! It was worth it though because I got home, typed it all up and it added a whopping 500 words to the story. w00t!

Today, I'm writing more slowly because I've come to a crossroad where I can either switch over the fantasy storyline or continue on with the "urban" storyline and connect them later. The choices! Ack! I need to pick one and run with it.... I'm leaning towards more suspense.