January 16th, 2006

Goth face

waking in his arms: pure bliss

This weekend was pure bliss. Jboy and I went out on Friday night and saw Tristan and Isolde which I rather enjoyed. I think what appealed to me the most was the fact that it was mainly a story of ancient Britain which holds a lot interest for me. I liked the way the story was told as it aligned pretty well with the version that I’d read a few years back.

I ended up leaving the theatre with a migraine that made me useless for pretty much anything. I walked for a bit in the rain with Jboy since it was kind of warm out and I figured the fresh air would do me some good. It did but I think I was still a bit of a mess when he dropped me off at home. It was so nice of him to walk me all the way to my door.

When I woke up on Saturday the migraine was pretty well gone though there was still a little bit of discomfort. I headed over to Jboy’s place and hung out with him for the whole day. We watched Batman Begins, which he hadn’t seen before and he showed me how to make rollover buttons for my website in ImageReady. Of course, knowing how to do it, he went through it very quickly and I wasn’t sure if I was going to remember what he’d done but it turns out that I had no trouble at all when I got home and tried it on my own. Uploading it all to my site was a different story… but I won’t bore you all with that.

Later that night I was glued to the playstation, playing SSX for hours while Jboy got some work done on the computer. I think we finally crawled into bed at around 4 am and I immediately started dreaming about SSX skiing. In fact, I realized I was moving not only my feet, but also my legs in an effort to mimic the movements for pulling tricks in the game! I woke up at 8 am, thoroughly exhausted and very sick of the video game dreams. I slept fairly restlessly because of it but after getting up at eight for a few minutes seemed to help when I fell back asleep as the dreams were less SSX related.

We ended up sleeping fairly late and enjoyed a lazy morning of cuddling and such. I’m pretty sure we didn’t actually get up until well after noon. It’s so wonderful being able to wake up next to each other and just enjoy being with each other. One day perhaps all mornings will be so blissfully sweet. I can’t think of much that is sweeter than lying in the arms of my love.

While he spent Sunday afternoon with his daughter, I tinkered around with my website and made those links that I was referring to earlier…but before any of that happened, I had a nice long nap. I was finally woken up (two and a half hours later) when my mom called me. I’m kind of glad she did call because I might have kept sleeping if she hadn’t! So, I got to work on the new look for my site and with Jboy’s help finally got a new index page uploaded and working. It now reflects me a bit better than the Dreamweaver template that I was using before. Of course, I still need to update the rest of the pages but I can do that a bit at a time.
Goth face

nail biting and the universe

I’m really noticing the difference since I’ve been trying not to bite my nails. My cuticles, for on thing, are looking a lot better and although I still catch myself biting my nails every now and then but stop myself as soon as I notice. Most of the time it’s not really conscious so I’m fairly pleased that the effort I’m making is resulting in a visible difference.

Last night I made some rice for myself to bring to work for lunch and proceeded to forget it in the fridge. I guess that means that I’ll be having it for supper instead. I’m not going to be getting home until well after nine o’clock though, so it might end up waiting one more day to be consumed.

Today we’ve actually been fairly busy at work. It’s definitely nothing compared to the volume of calls we got when I worked at Moneris but it’s steady. I think the atmosphere being a bit more laid back here also helps. It’s really nice having a job that I actually enjoy doing. Contrary to how I used to feel at other jobs, when I wake up in the morning and am not feeling 100% I think about going in to work and it motivates me. It’s a really great feeling. I can’t help but think that my positive attitude/thinking that I was doing after moving back to Toronto really helped me “key in” to something that would be good for me. Even though I had many rough days, I really felt that the Universe was listening and putting things in motion. Now I’m hoping that the same will happen for my dearest.