January 10th, 2006

Tired Tuesday ramblings in the key of G

I must admit that I am having a very relaxed day so far. The thoughts and worries that were bothering me yesterday have been exposed as the irrational fears that they were and my mind is more at ease. Saying some of the thoughts I was having out loud last night while I was talking with Jboy really made it apparent to me just how illusory they were. I am so lucky to be so loved. He really is everything I could have asked for... and then some! (Don't argue mister! I mean it!)

I was also chatting with a friend T (who I met up North) and she gave me some solid advice and helped me gain perspective. She was able to recognize the fact that I was overanalyzing things without me really having to tell her anything. She's been there before too so she understood. I was very grateful for the level-headed point of view.

I spent a good part of my morning listening to music in between calls and just feeling good and mellow. Then Jboy came and took me out for lunch after his interview this morning which was really great. It was so nice to spend lunch with him. We went with Hazel and Eumelos to a cafe nearby before running back up to the office.

Tonight I have a doctor's appointment and, as usual, I'm not really looking for it. It's the full check-up since I haven't had one since moving up North. I imagine there will be lots of poking, prodding, blood sampling and who knows what other testing...and of course, I'm sure I'll still need to lose weight. At least I'm prepared for it!!
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