July 21st, 2005


I felt awesome yesterday. Eventhough I was up early and was somewhat cranky about it, I had a really good day. I took the opportunity to try out one of my new exercise videos while I had some time to myself and think I’m going to enjoy them. If nothing else, it provided me with two exercise points for weight watchers.

Later on during the day I chatted with B's brother Nemish about karate. We actually spoke for quite some time and he’s really got me interested and excited about it. I think it would definitely be something that would be of benefit to both my weight loss goals and my overall health. I’m still not sure if it’s something I’m ready to commit to but it’s worth a shot.

That evening B and I went for a walk with our neighbour Dan and our two dogs. At first it looked a little like there might be trouble as the dogs were both getting rather excited and trying to establish dominance (very noisy). After a few minutes though they settled in a bit and we eventually let them both off their leashes to run around. It was awesome. They played and ran together, got muddy and splashed in the water together and overall just got along really well. Our neighbours dog seemed to be teaching Toby some manners too and I'm hoping the interaction will do him some good. It was great seeing Toby running and playing his heart out and getting so much good exercise. He was definitely pooped when he got home and we didn’t even have to ask him to go into his kennel when he came in for the night… he went straight in and I he sure slept well last night!