February 24th, 2005

Falling Down and Frozen Windows

Yesterday I did end up going out and getting all the material for my curtains. On the way home I realized that I cut it really close as far as how much fabric I got. Notheless, I got my curtains for the living room all done now! I’m so happy with myself for getting so much stuff accomplished these past couple of days. I’m feeling so productive. There’s still more stuff I can do too. I have a VERY blank wall in front of my computer that I think would look nice with some Mexican things on it!

I started to downloaded Netscape yesterday. Decided I wanted something different from the usual IE scene. It took quite a while to download but I just kept it running in the background when I was doing other things and it finished this morning when I was online.

I’m in quite a bit of pain this morning. Thankfully I’m ok if I’m not moving around but yesterday I fell when I stepped down from the counter onto a chair. I’d been hanging something up on the wall in the kitchen and the chair slipped as I climbed back down. If it hadn’t been for the fact that my reflexes (which are thankfully quite decent when I need them) kicked in and I grabbed onto the kitchen sink on the way down I’d probably be in much worse shape. As it stands, I have a sore shoulder and sore muscles on my left side from stopping my fall as well as a bit of pain in my left leg/hip area. So today is going to be a take it easy day for the most part. This kind of sucks because I wanted to get the vacuuming done today but I might try and get some of it done anyway. I just have to retrieve the vacuum from the neighbours first.

I got my bedroom window stuck open last night. I’d forgotten to close it before the sun went down so all the snow and ice that had melted during the day froze up again. I stood there chiseling and blow-drying for a good amount of time before I got it closed again and damn it was cold. So I have to remember to close it while the sun is still beating down, keeping it warm and thawed.
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I had another pretty good day today. I wasn’t nearly as productive as the past few days were but it was still good. I chilled for most of the day, chatted online and relaxed. I probably couldn’t have done a whole lot more with the sore muscles anyway. I did get some reading done though, which is always nice, and watched “Welcome to Mooseport” because it was playing on TV and downloaded a rune font so that I can print off my rune readings with the actual symbols on them.

I’d asked my neighbour, if I could come pick up my vacuum that he’d borrowed from me after he was off work today and he said he’d run it over for me. I asked him if he wanted to chill for a bit. So we sat around and chatted about video games and such, his girlfriend is also gone for the week with the rest of the teachers, and I asked him if he wanted to hang around for some chow. So I made stir-fry for us and we watched the Apprentice followed by some more chatting and general chilling. It was nice to have some company after all these days of minimal human interaction. I’m glad that I invited him to stay for a bit… I often don’t think to ask these things because I’m afraid that I won’t have anything interesting for the person to do or talk about and they’ll just be bored.

There’s been blizzard in Iqualuit for the past two days so I’m starting to wonder if the teachers are going to make it out tomorrow or not. B’s flight doesn’t leave until 5 o’clock in the evening but who knows how long the blizzard is going to last for. Today there were no taxis running or anything because it was so bad. So I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow and see.
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