February 23rd, 2005

Good Start

It’s only 10:30 am here and already I’m feeling rather accomplished. Last night I slept with my curtains open to let the light of the nearly full moon creep into my room. I even looked out my window before going to bed to see if I could catch a glimpse of the moon and I was not disappointed. Not only was it a beautiful bright moon but there was a large white ring that went all the way around. It was almost like a giant halo. This morning I woke up feeling rested and Toby let me sleep in until 8 o’clock before getting agitated to get fed and go outside. While he was outside I wrote down the dream I remembered from last night and had some breakfast. I then made the bed and tidied up in the living room a bit and it’s looking a whole lot better. Then I thought that it would be nice if I could get some fresh air going in the house and I thought that the bedroom window might have thawed enough to open. With a little bit of coaxing I got it open and let the fresh air into the bedroom. I was always able to get the little windows in our living room open but not the bedroom so I’m very pleased about the prospect of getting some fresh air in there, even if it is cold air. With the wind hitting my face through the window as I chipped the last few remnants of ice off, I thought that it would be a nice day to get the dog poop cleaned up from out in front of the house. I finished up my de-icing, closed the window until there was just enough to let a bit of air in without freezing the house and headed out to dog poop land! I have to admit the wind was kind of cold on my face but I got it all cleaned up and not only does it look a lot nicer out there but I also feel good for getting done.

Last night Bro called me from Iqualuit and told me that the neighbour’s dog had a seizure that day. He and Toby were fairly exposed to one another (especially when one of them escaped from their ropes) and it got me a bit worried for Toby. Of course at this point there’s no telling what could have been the cause and since there’s no vet here they have to fly him down to Winnipeg to have him checked out. I really hope he’s ok and that whatever caused the seizure isn’t contagious.

Toby spent a lot of time with me in the house yesterday. He’s getting much better at behaving inside which makes me happy. I think he’s getting more used to being out and around so it’s getting to be more routine and boring, giving him less reason to go crazy. It tends to tire him out a bit more too and he’s generally quieter through the night… although he does tend to get fidgety at some points. One thing that he kept doing while he was in the house was eat the dirt from one of my plants. Not only did that annoy me but it also made a mess as he’d leave little trails of dirt all along the living room carpet. So Mr. Plant has been relocated to the bedroom and although the living room looks a little barer than it did before, the bedroom looks really nice with the plant there and it’s on top of a table out of puppy reach… I hope.

I’ve been thinking about my journals and how I’ve been really consistent with them using the computer instead of writing. I’m thinking that’s because I can type so much faster than I write. Although I like the idea of writing things down I find that I get frustrated because I can’t keep up with my thoughts when writing whereas I can keep up much better when typing. So I’m thinking that I’m just going to get some duotangs and start printing off my entries (which I’m doing already) and instead of cutting and pasting them into an actual journal I’ll put them directly into the duotangs. I’m sure I can find another use for the extra journals that I have. Right now I’m just finding it really time consuming trying to cut and paste everything since I seem to write more than I paste!
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Tonight is the night...

I think I’m going to charge some water on my windowsill beneath the full moon tonight. I’m not sure what I’ll use the water for at this point but for some reason I really felt like I should do it anyway. So I will. There are so many different things that I’m thinking of doing tonight which is a really refreshing change from not having a clue what to do and having to scour my many books to find something interesting. So far I have Anu meditation, chanting, element work, the next kundalini exercise and who knows what else might come to me before nightfall!! LoL I have to admit though it makes me feel really good to come to the date of the full moon feeling like I’ve got so many wonderful ideas without having to look it up but rather from suggestions, ideas and research that I’ve done already and want to put to good use! I picked up some milk at the store yesterday and I’m thinking of going back to get some cookies or something to have after all the full moon work is done. Not sure if I will or not yet. I’d make my own but I’m out of white flour and I’m just not sure a whole wheat shortbread cookie would be very good.

More painting!

I’m so proud of myself right now. I just finished another painting! This is one that I’d been planning on doing since I went to Mexico. I was really amazed by the colours of the sunrise/sunset there and how beautiful the mountains were. I wanted to do a landscape type painting so I bought a frame that was 12” by 24”. I’d taken a ton of pictures of the mountains when we were in Mexico and tried to memorize the way that they looked. When the camera got lost/stolen all I had to go on was my memory and a couple of postcards. I kept putting off painting it though, even though I had everything I needed and knew exactly what colours I wanted to use (pinks and purples), until today. So now it’s done and hung up in the spot it was destined for. I’m really pleased with the way it turned actually. It’s a bit different than I imagined but still quite nice. It is one of the few paintings that I had no trouble naming. It is called “Memories of Vallarta”.
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