October 26th, 2003


Well, I actually got a bit of cleaning done yesterday and I'm getting even more done today! Go me!! The biggest problem I have with cleaning is simply the fact that my asthma tends to flare up quite badly and my asthma meds only help if I actually STOP doing the cleaning. My allergies also flare up, but I can take an antihistamine for that. I'm currently working on getting my "altar room/library" all cleaned up so I can start using it. My bedroom is a bit of a mess right now, but it's not too bad, so it can wait.

I've also finally bit the bullet and put some stuff into boxes for storage. I just have way too much "stuff" for such a small space. So i'm only keeping the stuff that suits the "mood" I'm trying to create. So far so good. Things are looking a lot less cluttered! I still have a long way to go before it's all finished, but at least I'm making good progress!

And on that note, back to work!
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