July 27th, 2003

My poor little Rusty

My kitty is very sick today. He's been throwing up since this morning and I have no clue what's wrong with him. I'm taking him to the vet in a couple of hours to get him checked out, but I'm really worried because I don't have a lot of extra cash this month and the vet is so insanely expensive. Last time it cost me over $200. I'm just hoping it isn't something serious. He has been throwing up once in a while before this, but not like today. My friend/roomie Hazel is going to come to the vet with me... moral support. I hate waiting... I wish I could just take him right now, but the earliest they could fit me in was 3pm... *sigh* I sure hope he's gonna be ok.
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kitty update

Well, Rusty hasn't thrown up since 1:00pm and the vet didn't see anything immediately wrong. She gave me some pills to give him for the nausea, but it was probably something he ate. If he's not better by the time I'm out of pills I'll have to bring him back and probably get x-rays and blood work. I couldn't afford to get that done today unfortunately. I also have to put him on some special food because he's gained too much weight. Weight control formula for him!

I also put up my altar today. It's kind of cool because it's on a table thing with wheels so I can move it around. This is especially good because I don't actually have a specific place for it at the moment! I'm not sure if I'm completely happy with the way that it looks right now, but I can always work on it and I'll also be changing it for each holiday. It's currently got a Lammas style to it and I'll be adding a few more things come the actual holiday. I like having it there... it almost provides a focus and anchor. I'll have to see how it works in ritual.
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